Wire-to-board connectors satisfy demand for miniaturised components

The Amphenol FCI Basics Minitek Multipitch 1.25mm Wire-to-Board connector’s compact design addresses the growing demand for miniaturising components. The connectors are available now from TTI Europe. The connector system is provided in single and double rows with active latching and optional TPA and CPA features. The single row connectors are offered in two to 15 positions with horizontal configurations, and the double row connectors are provided in ten to 30 positions. The connector has a current-carrying capacity of 1A and an external cable diameter from 28AWG to 26AWG.

The connectors have a housing with positive locking to ensure secure mating retention. The hold-down features increase the board grip force, and the polarised mating geometry prevents visual mismatching.

Typical application fields include consumer, home automation, home care devices, industrial and instrumentation, robotics, automotive, and lighting.

Author: Zhuna