Why is the price of the machine tool unknown now?

It is possible that large-scale ships and electronic parts manufacturers will clearly identify the price tag, so that users can better understand the price. In fact, most of the special rules are bred from special soil, and the phenomenon that machine tool operation does not penetrate the social quotation is caused by the special domestic market environment.
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Special marketing mechanism

In China, whether it is a foreign company or a domestic machine tool manufacturer, generally choose the marketing form of direct sales and intermediate agent sales, during which agents account for a large proportion of sales. The machine tool manufacturer generally gives the agent a reserve price, and the selling price is recognized by the agent himself. However, a machine tool manufacturer does not only have one agent, but has multiple agents together, so hostility arises.

Each agent will set prices according to its own specific conditions. If the price is punctured, the same product will have different prices. The low price will inevitably have an advantage over the high price, and the customer may be robbed by others. Therefore, the agents acted together tacitly and chose not to puncture the quotations of machine tool products. In the same way, assuming that the agent does not offer a price, it is also difficult for the direct selling manufacturer to reveal its own price.
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Prevent price wars

In ancient times, there was a trading method called “swallowing gold in the sleeve”. Two people bargained in their sleeves, the purpose is to avoid the eyes and ears of peers and prevent price wars between peers.

Part of the reason why machine tool companies do not reveal their quotations is to prevent price wars. The competition among manufacturing companies in my country is very fierce. In order to gain more users, many manufacturers will sell their products at reduced prices and fight price wars. However, the conditions of machine tool operations are different. You know, although the machine tool is expensive, the profit in practice is very low. Even some international giants insist on low-profit operation every year. Under such conditions, once a price war is waged, the damage to the enterprise will be very serious. Therefore, in order to prevent price wars among similar products, machine tool manufacturers have chosen not to expose prices to the society.
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In addition, because of the user’s specific needs, the selection of machine tools is too flexible. In the equipment of the machine tool, such as appearance design, CNC system, spindle, guide rail, turning tool, center, drill, fine parts, etc., users can easily select and customize features. Overly flexible options also result in huge price differences for the same type of machine tools, and manufacturers cannot give standardized prices.

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