Wholesale Flower Cake Mold, Value Tools To DIY Flower Pudding / Cake / Pastry

You're in the right place for purchasing silicone molds. Whatever shapes of silicone molds you are looking for, you're sure to manufacture it on Weishun factory.Flower molds for baking are a type of bakeware in catalogue of our hot selling. Maybe it is the type of baking molds your customers may interest it.1-Cavity Flower Cake Pan
Sunflower shape
Size: 25*6 cmWeight: 145 g1-Cavity flower cake pan is usually be used to make large size cakes.Flower Cupcake Molds                                Rose flower shape

Different sizes:3 cm; 5 cm; 7 cmThese small rose flower mold suits for making mini cakes.4 Cvity Flower Pastry Mold                                              4 cavity flower shape mold
Size: 16 * 14 * 3 cm
It is a mold tray ideal for baking pastry such as mooncake.Thesse silicone moulds are made from food grade silicone which is safe to contact with foods and be used in oven at high temperature.Besides, silicone molds is not only resistant to high temperature but also low temperature. Generally speaking, molds made from food grade silicone rubber sold on market can withstand temperature  – 40 degree to + 230 degree. It means that silicone molds is multifunctional, thhey are good high temperature oven cake baking molds but also great freezer safe molds.No matter you want to DIY pudding, ice cream, cake or biscuit, silicone molds is suitable.Weishun as a factory specialized in manufacturing silicone material products, silicone molds are one of most mainly products. We have 7 sets moldel press production machines to finish our production task quickly. Our workers have work experiences average about 4 years on silicone products production. They make it possible to make qualited silicone moulds fastly.Factory offering silicone molds are benefit on cost. If you are a seller looking for supplier, why not send an inquiry to us?

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