Where is the stain in silicone products from ?

One day , my friend asked me why does the silicone products have stain , where is from ? The Stain silicone products belong to a bad appearance products and affect the use of silicone products . So Where is the stain in silicone products from ? The reason are as following:
1.Check the silicone raw material problem . If the environment of production workshop, molding workshop, preparation workshop is not clean .Silicone materials is to save not perfect and exposeed in the air . The silicone saw material has stain .
2.Production mold or production equipment is dirty .So the product in production process Cause cavity is dirty . The molding can cause stains
3.External Release dose is dirty . when spraying mold release dose will squirt smudgy and adsorption in the surface of the cavity .
4.Finally ,may be vulcanization machine electric heating plate is dirty .As long as at the time of closing will be dirt suction cavity inside .

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