What is the process flow of precision hardware and CNC machinery parts ?

The precision metal processing technology flow includes : cnc machining, turning, milling, planing, grinding, clamping, stamping, casting and other methods.
Stamping: Stamping uses a pre-made mold for cold punching, mainly for sheet metal processing, that is, most of the processed materials are plates, and the processing efficiency is relatively high, which is suitable for mass production.
The processing process of precision hardware and mechanical parts is divided into engineering molds, continuous molds, and engineering molds. They are also called single punch dies. 
Some more complex parts use several sets of molds, and continuous molds split the product shape in the mold cavity Several parts are opened in one mold, so that one stroke of the punching machine is one finished products. The high-speed continuous punch can process three to four hundred products per minute.
Lathes: Lathes are precision machining machines, which are divided into ordinary lathes, automatic lathes, instrument lathes, and computer lathes. It clamps the material and performs a rotary motion, and the turning tool performs radial or axial processing
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