What is the History of Tungsten Metal? II

Development of tungsten industry 

In 1900, the Russian inventor А.Н.Ладыгин first proposed the application of tungsten to lighting bulbs. In 1903, Kuligi in the United States made tungsten filaments by tungsten powder pressing, remelting, swaging, and wire drawing. The appearance of tungsten wire promoted the development of the lighting industry. This method is also considered to be the beginning of modern metal powder production. In 1909, Кулидж created the powder metallurgy method, which uses a pressure processing process to make tungsten widely used in electric vacuum technology. 

In 1925, Schroulter obtained the US patent for the invention of tungsten carbide cobalt carbide. This patented method was first used in Europe for industrial production in 1926, which is the basis of the modern tungsten industry production process. 1927-1928 developed a cemented carbide with tungsten carbide as its main component, which is an important stage in the industrial history of tungsten. These cemented carbides are widely used in modern technology due to their good properties. 

Development history and current situation of China’s tungsten industry 

Tungsten resource tax clearing tax The development of China’s tungsten industry can be roughly divided into three stages: the first stage is the first 30 years after the founding of New China, at which time a relatively complete tungsten industrial system is formed; the second stage is From 1981 to 2000, the tungsten metallurgy, processing and hard alloy industry developed rapidly. The situation of single tungsten concentrate export changed due to the adjustment of product structure. The third stage was after the 21st century, China’s tungsten industry entered a new era. Production scale, technology and market competitiveness have reached a certain level. 

In recent years, China’s tungsten industry has developed rapidly. The national tungsten concentrate production has maintained a growth trend in recent years. China has also become a major tungsten producer in the world, with annual tungsten production accounting for about 80% of global production, ranking first in the world. National tungsten enterprises are also increasing product development efforts, constantly optimizing product structure, and forming a series of products with relatively complete categories. In 2012, with the introduction of various export quotas, limited mining, and industry integration policies, the development level of the entire industry has also been improved.

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