What is the division of CNC precision CNC machining parts ?

I believe we should know the machinery of our society today, they are composed of various parts, but we should also know that parts are very important for any machinery, why? In fact, because parts cannot be separated by a single piece of machinery, they are an essential part of a machine tool. Of course, there are some precision cnc machining parts. However, what is the process division of precision CNC machining parts?
In fact, the accuracy of the CNC machining process is divided into parts and processing in the design process. cnc machine tools in CNC precision parts processing, processing can be more concentrated, as much as possible to complete or complete processing on the fixture. 
We should consider whether the processing part can complete the entire part on the machine tool according to the model of the part. If it cannot determine which parts of the machine tool are processed, it divides the part processing process in other parts of the machine tool. 
The division of process steps should be considered according to the structural characteristics of specific parts and technical requirements. 
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