What is the difference between precision CNC machining parts and simple parts ?

Nowadays, with the development of cnc machining technology and innovation, there are many more things in our industry. They have the same status quo, even the same length, even the names are similar. Such as : precision CNC machining products give us an understanding. It brings a lot of misunderstandings. Precision CNC machining parts processing is one of them. So what is the difference between CNC machining parts and simple parts? Parts, which are non-separable individual parts of machinery, are the basic components of the machine and the basic unit in the mechanical manufacturing process. The manufacturing process generally does not require an assembly process. Such as bushings, bushings, nuts, crankshafts, blades, gears, cams, connecting rods, connecting rods, etc.
  A part is a part of a machine that consists of several parts that are assembled together.   Parts are mechanically assembled and these parts are assembled into parts (assembly of parts) before entering the final assembly. Some components (called sub-components) are also assembled into larger components with additional components and parts before entering the final assembly.   The above is the difference between the CNC machining parts and the simple parts. The two are reflected in these places. The two are different. Many people think they are the same.
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