What is CNC product processing?

CNC product processing uses raw materials to directly process the required samples through cnc machine tools. The CNC has a fast processing speed and a good sample surface. After the surface coating, silk screen printing and electroplating processes are completed, it is almost the same as the product produced by the mold opening. CNC products can be processed with different materials such as ABS, POM, PC, PA, metal, etc. to meet different customer needs. Samples processed with high quality, high density engineering materials have good strength and toughness.The company specializes in CNC products processing for 13 years, and undertakes various types of CNC small batch processing, CNC lathe processing, sheet metal, hand model, automobile, aviation, medical, robot, lighting, etc., with wide processing surface, high precision and fast speed. The deadline is accurate.
Lemo has over 40 cnc machining centers, include 3 axis,4 axis , 5 axis.We are expert on CNC machining ,CNC milling, CNC turning processing, precision grinding
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