what is CNC machining ?

CNC is also called computer cymbal, CNCCH or cnc machine tool. It is actually a name called Hong Kong. Later it was introduced into the Pearl River Delta of the mainland. It is actually a CNC milling machine. In Guangzhou, Jiangsu and Zhejiang, there is a person called "cnc machining center". An automated machine with a program control system. (CNC machine tool) is the abbreviation of Computer numerical control machine (Computer numerical control), which is an automatic machine tool controlled by program. The control system can logically process a program with control code or other symbolic instructions and decode it by a computer to cause the machine to operate and machine the part. The rough material is processed into semi-finished finished parts by tool cutting.
CNC machining (CNC Machining) CNC machining refers to machining with CNC machining tools. The CNC index control machine is programmed by the CNC machining language, usually G code. The CNC machining G code language tells the CNC machine tool which Cartesian position coordinates to use, and controls the tool feed speed and spindle speed, as well as tool converters, coolants and other functions. CNC machining has great advantages over manual machining. For example, CNC machining produces parts that are very precise and repeatable. CNC machining can produce parts with complex shapes that cannot be completed by manual machining. CNC machining technology is now widely promoted. Most machining shops have CNC machining capabilities. The most common CNC machining methods in typical machining shops are CNC milling, CNC and CNC EDM wire cutting (EDM cutting). The tool for CNC milling is called CNC milling machine or CNC machining center. The lathe for CNC turning is called the CNC turning center. CNC machining G code can be programmed manually, but usually the machining shop uses CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing) software to automatically read CAD (Computer Aided Design) files and generate G code programs to control CNC machine tools. Leading CNC machine tools include Hass, DMG (Deckel Maho Gildemeister), Mazak, Mori Seiki, Fadal and Wasino.
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