What are the technical requirements for CNC machine tool installation and debugging stage

Environmental temperature and humidity requirements. CNC lathes generally require a constant temperature of the environment to ensure the working accuracy of the machine tool, and generally require a constant temperature of about 20 degrees Celsius. Practice has proved that during the high temperature period in summer, the failure rate of the CNC system is greatly increased, and it is easy to cause bumps. Humid environment will also reduce the reliability of CNC lathe operation, so we should take dehumidification measures in the CNC lathe environment to prevent circuit short-circuits, resulting in misoperation of the CNC system, and collisions.
Develop standardized debugging actions, mainly including the following points:
1) When debugging the program, it is necessary to set the G00 speed selector switch to F0 to allow the tool to approach the workpiece at a slower speed. Otherwise, once the tool offset is wrong, the tool will move extremely quickly from the tool change point to the G00 method. When the tool point, there may be a strong collision with the workpiece, leaving the operator at a loss and too late to remove the danger; on the contrary, when the tool is approached at a slower speed, even if the tool deviation is wrong, the operator will have time to make adjustments.
2) When debugging the program, it is necessary to make the CNC lathe in a state of single-step execution. After the operator performs the previous block on the CNC lathe, it is necessary to check the correctness and rationality of the next block again, and make adjustments accordingly.
3) During the movement of the CNC lathe, it is necessary for the operator to investigate the change of the tool coordinates on the screen and whether the coordinates of the end of the movement in the program and the coordinates of the actual movement of the tool are the same.
4) During the process of program debugging, the operator can place one finger on the cycle start button and the other finger on the side of the cycle hold button, so that the execution of the program can be stopped in an urgent time. At the same time, time to remember the location of the pressing button, so that it is not necessary.
5) The debugging stage of the program uses the computer to imitate the simulation function. With the development of computer skills, there are more and more simulation systems for numerical control machining. Therefore, it can be used to start to check the program and investigate the movement of the tool to confirm whether there may be a bump. Use the graphics that comes with the CNC lathe to imitate the processing function. Generally, more advanced CNC lathes have their own graphics simulation processing function. Before active processing, in order to prevent program errors, the tool can bump the workpiece or the chuck, the graphics simulation of the entire processing process can be performed to check whether the tool track is correct.

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