What are the specifications of the conductive rubber strip

What is the conductive rubber strip, what are the conductive rubber strip specifications, what are the characteristics and applications? JE rubber products manufacturers take you to understand the knowledge of conductive rubber strips.

  What is the conductive rubber strip

 Conductive rubber is the glass plated silver, aluminum plated silver, silver, and other conductive particles evenly distributed in the silicone rubber, through the pressure of the conductive particles contact. Achieves good electrical conductivity. It is used in both military and commercial applications. Its main function is sealing and electromagnetic shielding. Products can be molded or extruded, available in sheets, or other die-cut shapes.

silicone zebra connector Conductive Rubber Strip

Conductive silicone rubber products are particularly suitable for the following industries. 

  • Medium and small military electronic enclosures and microwave waveguide systems.
  • Military cubicles and military electronic equipment for aerospace, aviation, naval vessels, etc..
  •  Electronic products (e.g. computer cases, mobile phones, test consumables, etc.), telecommunications, high-frequency control equipment, etc..
  • Electronic equipment in harsh environments such as electricity and railways

 What are the specifications of the conductive rubber strip

1. YS type conductive rubber strip is widely used in the following applications due to its unique soft silicone properties and good elasticity and insulation properties of the transparent layer. LCD, LCM dot-matrix module.2) YS type transparent zebra strip is used in the dot-matrix module due to its unique characteristics. It is widely used. After assembly, the metal shell will not appear short-circuit phenomenon, to ensure the stability of the product display function.

2.YSA type conductive rubber strip is one of the most difficult to manufacture similar products, it is based on the different requirements of the product, can be moved freely. Conductive layer to achieve the best contact with the product, to ensure the first level of conductivity of the product.

3.YP, YSP type conductive rubber strip is one of the most basic adhesive tapes, in the adhesive tape on both sides of the sponge foam silicone rubber adhesives With good insulation and shock absorption properties, the metal shell can be used to avoid short-circuit phenomenon.

4.YY type conductive rubber strip and other conductive tape is the difference is that its insulation lining layer is 20 degrees lower than the middle conductive layer to ensure that The best contact of the conductive layer in the compression assembly process.

5. By the type of conductive zebra strip and YP, YS type of the biggest difference is that when the thickness requirements of thin, to ensure that the maximum thickness of the conductive layer and sufficient connection area.

6. The shaped conductive rubber strip is one of the zebra strips with high processing difficulty, which can meet the special requirements of various conductive weak body connection.

7.YL type conductive silicone strip is one of the most basic rubber strips. Through the alternating combination of the insulating film and conductive film, it can form special conductive properties on all sides to meet the special requirements of the four-sided connection between PCB and LCD. The requirement for connection has become one of the essential connectors in the field of weak conductivity.



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