What are the sequences of precision CNC machining parts ?

Every processing method has its processing order. Our operators need to process according to its processing order, but can't mess with it, which will have certain impact on the processed products, or quality problems. Precision machining is one of them, so what are the order of precision mechanical parts processing? Let Xiaobian tell us about it.
    First, the arrangement of the fine parts processing should be based on the construction of the parts and the blank condition, as well as the requirements of the positioning and clamping, the emphasis is on the rigidity of the workpiece is not destroyed.    1. The processing of the previous process can not affect the positioning and clamping of the next process, and the intermediate cross-section has the general fine parts processing process.    2. First stop the inner cavity cavity adding process, then stop the shape processing process.    3. It is better to stop the process with the same positioning, clamping method or the same tool to reduce the number of repeated positioning, the number of tool changes and the number of moving platens. Shenzhen machining
   4. In the multiple processes stopped in the same device, the process of destroying the rigidity of the workpiece should be arranged first.    Second, the tool centralized sorting method: It is to divide the process according to the tool used, and use the same tool to machine all the parts on the part that can be completed. Use the second knife and the third handle to complete other parts that they can complete. This can reduce the number of tool changes, tighten the dead time, and reduce the unnecessary positioning error.    Third, the processing part of the order method:    Regarding the parts with a lot of processing contents, the processing part may be partially red, such as an inner shape, a shape, a curved surface or a plane, according to its structural characteristics. Ordinary processing plane, positioning surface, post-processing hole; first processing simple geometric shape, and then processing complex geometric shape; first processing the lower precision part, and processing the higher precision cnc machining parts.
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