What are the safe operating procedures for hydraulic presses

Manufacturers analyze what are the safe operating procedures for hydraulic presses.

  • 1. The operator carefully learns the production knowledge and operating skills of the post, understands the functions and main structures of the mechanical equipment, and understands the use and maintenance methods of the mechanical safety devices. Strictly abide by the rules and regulations for safe production.
  • 2. As long as it is necessary for staff to have regular physical examinations, those with typhoid fever, dysentery, tuberculosis, pneumonia, and purulent skin diseases cannot directly participate in the delivery.
  • 3. Non-operators are not allowed to operate the machine privately. Concentrate and strictly follow the “Mechanical Safety Operation Regulations” during operation. It is forbidden to smoke in the workshop, take up posts, work on duty, take up posts after drinking, and play and compete.
  • 4. The operator should carefully check the wiring, air pressure, and machinery before starting the machine. If it is found that the machine is abnormal, it should be shut down in time, and the operation should be performed after the maintenance is normal.
  • 5. When the operator installs the Mold and replaces the mold during production, he must correctly operate the motor switch (active gear and manual gear), and be cautious about the accuracy of mold closing, making it strong and secure. Perform pressure test again to make the product pass. Clean the replaced mold and place it on the designated mold rack.
  • 6. During the operation, the operator first unzips the braided wire of the finished product, puts the restricted product into the mold, uses both hands to activate the press switch, after the restriction is completed, the press actively pushes the lower mold out of the safe area, and the operator uses a hook to hook Pick up the goods in the mold, put the goods in the frame, and then put the pressed product into the mold, and activate the switch with both hands to limit, similar to the cycle operation. In the process of operation, the skin slag in the mold should be cleaned up in time. It is forbidden for the operator to provide auxiliary force to the operation switch during the operation.
  • 7. Longer than discovering safety hazards and eliminating them in time. Pay attention to the top of the safety list and take precautions first. Try to prevent accidents and ensure safe production.
  • 8. Abide by the operating procedures and prohibit illegal work and negligence of duty. If the offender is criticized and taught according to the seriousness of the circumstances, causing serious consequences or major economic losses, he shall be held accountable.

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