What are the precautions for the new hydraulic press during the running-in period

The new Hydraulic Press needs to pay special attention to the following requirements during the running-in period

  • 1: The three-phase wire of the machine must not be reversed, and the grounding wire must be grounded. Some customers find it troublesome and feel that the grounding wire does not matter. This is wrong. It is easy to be a serious safety production accident. The motor reverses, and the machine is prone to failure.
  • 2: When the machine is running, pay attention to safety. Do not adjust the machine settings and molds. Operators must always be vigilant, work safely, and don’t be distracted.
  • 3: If an abnormality is found during the operation of the machine or an abnormal sound is heard, the machine should be shut down for detection in time. The machine must not work with diseases, and start working after troubleshooting.
  • 4: The hydraulic oil type of the machine should be used correctly. Generally, No. 46 anti-wear hydraulic oil is recommended, and special hydraulic oil should be used in special areas. Note that the oil is free of contamination.
  • 5: Pay attention to the working environment, pay attention to the environmental pollution of the oil in the hydraulic cylinder and oil tank, and cause the machine to malfunction.
  • 6: Those who use the four-column hydraulic press for the first time must pay attention to strictly follow the operating procedures during use to ensure production safety.

Four-column hydraulic presses are mostly two-way cartridge valve integrated systems. They have a simple main valve structure and large medium flow capacity. Because contaminated hydraulic oil easily enters the pump and valve, it will scratch and damage the accuracy and roughness of the mating surface. The increase in leakage will cause the oil temperature to rise, resulting in insensitive hydraulic system action, insufficient holding pressure, and the sliding of the slider.

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