What Are The Materials Requirements For Precision CNC Machined Parts?

The requirements are for every job, because it will directly affect the quality of the product. In order to ensure the quality of the product, we not only have requirements on the equipment, but also operators and some processed materials. These must have certain standards, and only these meet the standards,
    In the process of part processing and manufacturing, because the production requirements and conditions of various parts are different, the manufacturing process schemes are also different. When the same parts are produced using different process schemes, their production efficiency and economic benefits are also different.      Precise machining is not all materials can be precision processed. Some materials are too hard and exceed the hardness of the machining parts, which may break the parts. Therefore, these materials are not suitable for precision machining unless they are special materials. Machined parts, or laser cutting.
    There are two major categories of processed materials, metallic materials and non-metallic materials. For metallic materials, stainless steel has the highest hardness, followed by cast iron, followed by copper, and finally aluminum.
The processing of ceramics, plastics, etc. belongs to the processing of non-metallic materials. The requirements for material hardness are, for some occasions, the higher the hardness of the material, the better, but it is limited to the hardness requirements of the processing machine. The material cannot be too hard. If it is harder than the machine, it cannot be processed.
The material is moderately soft and hard, at least one grade lower than the hardness of the machine. At the same time, it depends on what the processing device is used for, and the material is reasonably selected.
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