What are the factors for wrinkling of precision metal stamping parts?

In the stamping process of precision metal stamping parts, wrinkles sometimes appear and the workpiece is scrapped. So what is the reason? The reasons for the wrinkling of precision metal stamping parts are: too much lubricant or frequent brushing, lubricant should be used, but not too much; furthermore, the brushing position is improper; the blank holder force is not enough, and the gap between the blanks is not suitable. The problem of "loose inside and tight outside" appears; the trial blank is too soft, the material strength is low, and the blank size is too small to hold the material. Unstable positioning of the blank leads to partial inability to hold the material, improper shape of the pressing surface, resulting in uneven feeding; wrinkles not only cause the workpiece to be scrapped, but also affect the cost of precision metal stamping parts processing and the waste of raw materials.
In the heat treatment process, precision stamping parts molds often deform. In order to prevent this bad phenomenon, as long as you grasp the deformation laws, analyze the causes, and use different methods to prevent mold deformations, it can be reduced. Can be controlled. Generally speaking, the following methods can be used to prevent heat treatment deformation of precision and complex molds.
   1. Precision stamping parts are selected based on fairness. For precision and complex molds, micro-deformed mold steels with good materials (such as air-quenched steels) should be selected. Mold steels with severe carbide segregation should be cast and processed reasonably, and solution double-refining heat treatment can be performed for large and uncast mold steels. .
2. The mold structure design of precision stamping parts should be fair, the thickness should not be too large, and the shape should be symmetrical. For the larger deformed mold, the deformation law should be grasped and the machining allowance should be reserved. For large, precision and complex molds, a combined structure can be used.
  3. Pre-heat treatment is required for complex molds of precision stamping parts to eliminate residual stress generated during machining.Previous: What are the advantages of precision metal processing parts?Next: What are the manufacturing process steps of precision metal stamping parts?

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