What are the advantages and disadvantages of hydraulic rotation of a four-column hydraulic press

Because the pressure relief function is not ambition, an independent pressure relief device is added to the hydraulic system of the four-column Hydraulic Press to reduce the hydraulic shock. Then the hydraulic transmission is widely used, also based on the following advantages.

The hydraulic transmission of the four-column hydraulic press is a tubing connection, which can sensitively arrange the transmission organization by virtue of the tubing connection. Because the hydraulic cylinder has a large thrust and is easy to install, it is applied to many machines, and the operation is convenient and beautiful. The hydraulic transmission equipment has a compact structure, light weight, and small inertia. , The component target of the unit power of hydraulic pumps and hydraulic motors is one-tenth of that of traditional motors; and the hydraulic transmission of the four-column hydraulic press can be steplessly adjusted on a large scale. With variable pumps or variable motors, the speed adjustment scale can reach 1.2000. The speed is adjusted when the hydraulic equipment is running; the transmission movement is uniform and stable, and the load change speed is stable. The hydraulic equipment of the four-column hydraulic press completes overload maintenance by virtue of the relief valve and other parts. The hydraulic components are smooth by themselves and the service life is longer; and the hydraulic transmission is automated Must rely on various control valves, hydraulic components have also been standardized, generalized and serialized.

Having mentioned the advantages of the hydraulic transmission of the four-column hydraulic press, I have to talk about the disadvantages. The hydraulic system uses hydraulic oil as the working medium, and there are elements such as oil leakage in the relative movement. The hydraulic transmission cannot ensure a strict transmission ratio, so it is not suitable for transmission. More stringent than the local requirements; hydraulic transmission is more sensitive to changes in oil temperature, temperature changes and changes in liquid viscosity will cause changes in motion, which will affect the stability of the four-column hydraulic press; in order to reduce leakage of the four-column hydraulic press, satisfactory performance Requirements, the precision requirements for the production of hydraulic components are high, the hydraulic transmission must have independent power, and it is not easy to check and clean up the failure. The oil pipe transmits the pressure oil, and the pressure is continuously lost along the way, and the power cannot be transported long distances.

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