What are the absolute advantages of CNC turning and milling processing

What are the absolute advantages of CNC turning and milling processing?

CNC turning-milling composite processing, as one of the developments of mechanical processing, occupies a main direction in this part of CNC machining. Turning-milling composite processing is the most complete field in the processing field, and many machine tool manufacturers have introduced such equipment .
In theory, this CNC turning-milling composite machining can effectively improve the quality and efficiency of the product. However, it also has shortcomings. If the programming of the processing program is not set up, it will also affect the work efficiency during the processing. So in the production process, because there are multiple processing procedures, so when the computer inputs the processing software to complete the part programming, the two tool holders can be used at the same time through the optimization of the procedures and the permitting of the processing conditions. The processing time is greatly reduced, and the processing effect can be seen at the same time.
The use of processing optimization programs can greatly improve work efficiency. It is of great significance to the processing of large quantities of parts. The application field of CNC turning and milling combined processing, in addition to the large-scale processing of certain products, for the processing of small batches Production is also very useful. It has at least one rotation axis control ability, and even its application range will not be limited.

Author: Zhuna