Wet compression molding

Wet compression molding is not a new compression molding process. The wet compression molding process has been used mainly for the molding of sheet molding compounds (SMC) and glass fiber-reinforced thermoplastics (GMT). The wet compression molding process, also called liquid compression molding (LCM), does not use discontinuous fiber reinforced resin / thermoplastic polymer preforms as raw materials. Instead, like other composite molding processes such as resin transfer molding (RTM), dry continuous reinforcements and liquid resins are used as raw materials.

Wet compression molding can be considered as an alternative to high-pressure RTM. It is not necessary to put the carbon fiber preform into the RTM mold, and then close the mold to injection and cure the resin. The wet compression molding process allows the mixed resin to be applied to the surface of the carbon fiber reinforcement outside the mold. This enables the resin impregnation process and the resin curing process to be performed simultaneously. At the same time, because the resin does not need to touch the hot mold before curing, the activity will be higher.

The wet-molding process is suitable for parts with higher load requirements but simple geometric dimensions, such as vehicle drive lines and roof reinforcements. Compared with the autoclave and prepreg process, the wet compression molding process can reduce raw material costs and increase production capacity.

The wet compression molding process is also applicable to thermoplastic resins. The liquid thermoplastic acrylic resin can be used in wet compression molding or low-temperature molding at 20-80 ° C to produce recycled composite parts. This method can be used to produce composite parts using a variety of reinforcements or other functional fillers. Compared with steel parts, this combination of materials and forming processes simultaneously achieves a weight reduction goal of 30-50%; compared with other thermoplastic technologies, the production cost is lower.

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