Vehicle maintenance: What you need to know about handling car scratches

If you often run on the road, you won’t be successful. Our car will inevitably have some “small scars”, and often there will be some small scratches. We can deal with small scratches by ourselves, but if we see the primer, it is recommended to go to the store to deal with it, so as not to cause greater losses. Here are a few small methods for everyone:

1. Slight scratches. Such scratches are generally caused by trees, flowers, and other plants. Wash the car with car wax. First, apply coarse wax in a circular manner, then apply fine wax. Wipe in the same direction from the inside to the outside. The time can be longer. Then wipe off the car wax with a clean cloth, and you can see Small scratches will be dealt with. If there are any, there are two possibilities. One is that you don’t have enough time for sanding, and the other is that the scratch is a bit deep.

2. Deeper scratch paint touch-up pens that have not lost the primer first. Wash and dry the car first. Shake the paint-up pen before use to make the paint blend evenly inside to prevent the touch-up pen from being applied to the car body. For other positions, it is better to use stickers to paste both sides of the scratch before touch-up, so that it is easy to touch-up. After the touch-up pen is dry, apply a fine wax to it, and it will be as shiny as the original car paint.

3. See the scratches of the primer, it is recommended to deal with it in the factory, but there are also some methods to self-rescue the rust preventive and self-spray. The scratches of the primer can easily make the sheet metal rust, so the surface should be derusted and rust-proof. Work, wash the car and apply rust remover to the scratched area, wipe with a clean cloth for about a quarter of an hour to remove the rust agent and then apply the rust inhibitor. After applying the anti-rust agent, wait a few minutes before spraying the self-painting. Before painting, cover the car marks with newspaper to avoid spraying other parts of the paint. After spraying, let it dry naturally, and then apply it after drying. Just apply fine wax.

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