Vehicle lighting RGB driver

Vehicle lighting RGB driver

What measurement technique does the device, called MLX81117, use to get such close compensation?

“It is basically a very exact measurement of voltages and, or, temperatures of the LEDs,” company told Electronics Weekly. “Based on those data, we are doing complex mathematic calculation together with individual calibrated LED data inside of our part to archive those required accuracies.”

Individual brightness control (16bit) allows final colour and intensity to be set – control is over the company’s ‘MeLiBu’ bus that uses uses a CAN-FD physical layer and UART communication with self-synchronisation to deliver up to 2Mbit/s for rapid animated displays.

The company released its first MeLiBu LED driver for cars last year, the 12 LED MLX81116.

Applications are foreseen providing driver-assistance prompts, vehicle status updates and interior styling. For non-trivial use, the chip complies with ISO 26262 functional safety requirements up to safety integrity level B (ASIL B) “and the design also delivers low EMI and high levels of immunity, helping designers to meet EMC regulations”, claimed Melexis, which has not released a full data sheet to put figures on EMI and immunity.

Memory includes: 32kbyte flash, 2kbye RAM, 512byte EEPROM and system ROM.
Palcaging is 5 x 5mm 32pin QFN32 5×5.

Supply voltage is 5.5 – 18V (40V survival).

The MLX81117 product page is here

Author: Yoyokuo