To prevent precision CNC machining from deformation or machining offset

To prevent precision CNC machining from deformation or machining offset

Let me share with you what you need to pay attention to when precision CNC machining:

1. In the precision CNC machining operation machine, safety first;

2. Before CNC machining, check the tool, safety height and cutting data of the program;

3. Before the workpiece is clamped, burrs must be deburred to determine whether the actual size of the workpiece is consistent with the size of the drawing, and the electrode material must pay attention to whether it interferes with the fixture after clamping;

4. When clamping the workpiece, first determine whether the fixture (Erowa, wise) is accurate, otherwise, it needs to be re-calibrated. When clamping the workpiece, pay attention to the proper clamping force to avoid deformation of the workpiece;

5. For finishing tools, the tool diameter must be measured first, and then measured on the spindle after clamping, to ensure accuracy. Shenzhen CNC machining;

6. When processing, pay attention to discovering problems at any time and communicate with CAM personnel to achieve the best processing method to process high-quality workpieces;

7. In order to prevent CNC machining from deformation or machining offset, attention should be paid to whether the rough machining allowance is sufficient, and the workpiece must be calibrated again after rough machining;

8. After the precision CNC machining is completed, it is necessary to measure the main dimensions of the workpiece (by the height of the broken surface) and detect the wear of the finishing tool.

Author: Zhuna