Tiancheng Color Aluminum Cold Rolling Plant realizes 8011 alloy pass compression to improve production efficiency

Recently, the cold rolling mill of Tiancheng Color Aluminum Co., Ltd. has achieved 8011 alloy pass reduction through process optimization, and the production efficiency has been greatly improved. It has successfully solved the problems of high production cost and poor plate quality due to the large number of rolling passes.

In the early stage of rolling 0.23mm thickness, 1100-1300mm width, and the alloy state is 8011-H14, the number of production passes of the rolling mill is 6 passes, the number of rolling passes is large, the production cost is high, and the plate is easy to produce during rolling. The surface is loose, the end surface is staggered, etc., and the board surface is prone to scratches, scratches and other quality defects. In order to solve these production process problems, the management and technical personnel of the cold rolling mill set up a research team to re-analyze and determine the equipment load, increase the oil film strength and the acid value of the rolling oil, and increase the rolling speed. The alloy state 8011-H14 products were successfully With reduced-pass production, the single-pass processing rate exceeded 55% for the first time, reaching 58.3%.

Through this process optimization, the direct production cost of this type of product has been greatly reduced, and the problem of looseness in the plate surface and the problem of end-face stratification that are easy to occur during the rolling process have been successfully solved. According to the monthly production volume of such products and the current product structure, it is estimated that the production cost can be saved by about 300,000 yuan throughout the year, and the process is also applicable to other similar products, which broadens the thinking and lays the foundation for the subsequent reduction of rolling mill passes.

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