Thin-wall Food Container Mould

Sino Mould pays great importance to thin-wall injection molding technology. With the diversification of the market demand for thin-wall boxes, our disposable box moulds have been also designed with one, two, four and six cavities to meet the demand of customers' the production efficiency.


The followings are the key points of manufacturing disposable box moulds:


1. The popular food container shapes are round and square, with 500ml, 750ml, 1000ml conventional capacity. According to the shape, specification and weight, we design different mold sizes, cavities and wall thicknesses. At present, the minimum wall thickness we designed is 0.35mm.


2. Under the high-speed injection of the DKM machine, the mold needs to withstand high pressure, we use S136 or H13 steel for mould, which can be hardened after quenching, reach HRC42-45 degrees. Prevent the mold from deforming and flashing under long-term high-speed and high-pressure.


3. We have professional design team to analysis and optimize the mold. Thin-wall container mould design needs to consider the following points: product parting surface, wall thickness, air venting, waterway design, blowing position and direction.


4. Our thin-wall box mold can be equipped with self-developed high-speed machine series, Robot, loader, conveyor belts and other auxiliary equipment to realize fully automatic production.  We can also help you set up the thin-wall food container production line—Custom Design Injection Molding Line Set Up.


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