The Silicone Of Liquid Mould Is Partially Cured And Partially Non Cured

When we use liquid silicone rubber to make silicone rubber mold, sometimes we wait for 48 hours to find that the mold silica gel still does not solidify, or only part of it does not solidify. What is the cause of non curing?

Reason 1: too much curing agent or too little curing agent will affect the curing of silica gel.

Solution: add the curing agent according to the specified proportion, and see clearly whether the volume proportion or the weight proportion in the instruction manual.

Reason 2: different types of curing agent can not be mixed, and the tin component in the condensed silica gel will not react when the mold adhesive is added.

Solution: use the corresponding type of curing agent. Operation tools are also classified and not mixed. If it is the operation and molding of silicone rubber, do not touch the condensation type products.

Reason 3: the mixing of silicone rubber and curing agent is not uniform.

Solution: the silicone rubber and curing agent should be fully stirred evenly during operation, pay attention to the bottom of the container.

Reason 4: incomplete curing (not drying) only occurs on the contact surface of the die, and other parts are cured well.

Solution: lay a layer of isolation film on the surface of the master mold to prevent the components in the master mold that are not conducive to silica gel curing from contacting with the mold silicone rubberl.

Reason 5: too low temperature can also cause non curing. When the operating temperature is lower than 0 ℃, there will be no reaction between silicone rubber and curing agent.

Solution: when the temperature is 20-30 ℃, it is the best curing temperature of silicone rubber.

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