The significance of automatic progressive die stamping

At present, the stamping process, especially progressive die stamping , still in manual feeding and manual pick up, will not require the rapid development of electronics, instrumentation, precision machinery, agricultural machinery, automotive, and household appliances. Nowadays, in particular, the world’s manufacturing center is gradually transferred to China, therefore, to achieve automatic progressive die stamping is not only required by China’s manufacturing industry, but also the world’s manufacturing development needs. 

With continuous improvement and rapid development of quality and scale of China’s automobile, electrical appliances, the significance of automatic progressive die stamping is imperative. Automatic progressive die stamping will both reduce labor intensity and ensure the safety of production, improve labor productivity and product quality, save energy and raw material consumption, and reduce progressive die stamping parts manufacturing cost in the end.

HaiTong offers custom progressive die metal stampings for all industries. Our engineers will design and manufacture a high quality progressive die to ensure that the finished part meets your exact specifications. We have rich experience to ensure that your part will be manufactured to your requirements and to the highest quality standards. 

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