The rise in foundry prices continues to ferment, and the delivery time will have to wait half a year?

The United States is rumored to intend to include SMIC, the leading wafer foundry in mainland China, on the trade sanctions list. According to the analysis of Taiwan’s semiconductor industry, if SMIC is included in the negative list of entities by the United States, its IC design customers are expected to avoid shipment concerns. The transfer of orders to Taiwanese factories such as TSMC, UMC, and World Advanced will set off a new wave of transfer orders and will become the focus of market attention.

Recently, the supply of wafer foundry capacity is in short supply, and manufacturers such as UMC have reported that they will increase prices. As SMIC customers transfer orders, they will step up price increases, especially for 8-inch wafer foundry prices. The actual benefits will gradually ferment from the fourth quarter to the first quarter of next year.

According to news on September 23, according to foreign media reports, in previous reports, people in the industry chain have repeatedly revealed that the production capacity of 8-inch wafer foundries is tight, and they are considering increasing the foundry quotation in 2021.

The latest reports from foreign media show that due to strong demand and tight production capacity, the delivery time of the 8-inch fab has been delayed, and the foundry price may rise in the fourth quarter of this year.

The news that the production capacity of the 8-inch wafer foundry is tight and the delivery time is delayed was disclosed by an industry chain source who is seeking cooperation with the foundry.

This industry chain person said that due to tight production capacity, the delivery time of the 8-inch fab has been extended by 3-4 months. Due to tight production capacity, the foundry price of new orders in the fourth quarter is expected to rise by 10%.

Foreign media said in the report that after the foundry price rises, chip suppliers may increase the price of chips to compensate for the rise in foundry costs, and the price of laptop power management chips is likely to rise as a result.

If the foundry price of 8-inch wafer foundries rises in the fourth quarter, it may be even higher next year. In previous reports, industry chain sources have predicted that the tight production capacity of 8-inch wafer foundries may continue until the end of next year.


Author: Yoyokuo