The lubricant industry enables marketing activities to ensure continuity and integrity


Adopting a flexible price strategy is a powerful marketing tool in competition. Establish a marketing network to benefit wholesalers and agents. Implement professional management in the lubricant industry, multi-level wholesale, multi-level agents, direct sales to large users, and handle various relationships between distributors. The packaging should pay attention to protection, beauty, and anti-counterfeiting, as well as convenience and practicality. Products with multiple specifications, mainly in small packages, should be developed to increase the attractiveness of consumers. Full attention should be paid to the key aspects of competition, such as packaging, service, user consultation, financing, logistics and distribution, etc., so that marketing activities can ensure continuity and integrity.

Market development trend today. The competitive situation after China’s WTO accession. After joining the WTO, all parties involved in market competition share the rights and obligations conferred by the general rules of WTO; the pressure of market competition makes domestic enterprises must accelerate the pace of innovation, improve product quality and grades in order to increase their competitive strength; Business activities that are improper or rely on administrative intervention will be abandoned in the fierce market competition.

Foreign medium and high-end electromechanical products will enter China in large numbers. The consumption of lubricants in island grades will increase substantially; the import tax rate of lubricants will be reduced from the current 9% to the international level of 6%, which will further stimulate the import of lubricants. The reduction of import taxes is conducive to domestic companies’ global procurement of raw materials and the introduction of advanced technology and equipment. Similarly, among WTO member countries, they enjoy low tariff treatment, which is conducive to domestic enterprises to open up the international market, improve the structure of export products, and expand the scale of exports.

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