The Importance Of Safe Production Of Stamping Parts Operation

There are many raw materials for stamping parts, such as carbon steel, stainless steel, copper, aluminum, alloy and other metal materials. Now let's make a brief description of the carbon steel material and procurement in the raw materials of stamping parts. General carbon steel is roughly divided into cold rolled steel and hot rolled steel. The commonly used steel grades are Q195, Q235A, Q235B, SPHC, DC01, DC03, DC06, SPCC, ST12, ST13, ST14, ST16 and other grades, according to the material Popular sayings are divided into hot plates, ordinary drawn cold plates, strong drawn cold plates, cold hard plates, galvanized plates, automotive special plates, etc., and the corresponding materials are purchased according to the characteristics of the products. Raw materials account for a large proportion of the cost of stamping parts, so when purchasing raw materials for stamping parts, we should purchase cheap raw materials as much as possible to reduce costs while ensuring the material. Procurement and utilization of materials is a very good option for cost savings. The stamping operator is a relatively risky job in many mechanical processes. Safe production is the top priority for an enterprise. Only guaranteeing 100% safety can guarantee the interests of individuals and companies. The following instructions; memorize the company's safe operation rules, and strictly follow the conditions of the operation process.

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