The development and application of the third-generation building machine has become an important way to improve the quality of tires


The development of tire building machines has now entered the era of PC automatic programming, which can basically be represented by three generations of products: the manual half-core wheel building machine before the 1950s is still in existence in some tire factories with backward technology; 60 The press roll hemming forming machine developed by the Ministry of Chemical Industry in the decade was first controlled by a step selector. In the 1980s, PC programming simulation control was introduced, and it is now popularized and applied in domestic tire factories; and in the 1990s, the finger-shaped As soon as the TB2024 molding machine with the main features of front-packing and turning-up of the capsule and the new type of molding machine developed by many machinery factories were introduced, they were favored by visionary tire factories. Guangzhou tire factory took the lead in using it, and some tire factories began to try it out. Some foreign-funded new factories have been widely used.

With the development of society and technological progress, the development and application of the third-generation molding machine has become one of the important ways to improve the quality of tires. All equipment manufacturers and tire factories no longer focus on the level of the TB2024 machine. They have injected more new technologies and used new structures to make them more perfect and suitable for national conditions and adapt to new trends. Although the third-generation molding machine is still emerging in a limited number in China, and its development and trial are in the initial stage, it has shown strong vitality with mature technology and advanced structure, and has been extended to many tire companies in China and Southeast Asian countries. . We firmly believe that in the next 10-20 years, the third-generation tire building machine will be widely welcomed and adopted at home and abroad, and it will show its power to manufacture high-grade high-quality bias tires and bring huge benefits to the enterprise and society.

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