The CNC machining center adopts the appropriate knife method

Cnc Machining centers are becoming more and more widely used in today’s machinery manufacturing and processing industry. Especially economical cnc machine tools have gained great popularity in some enterprises, especially small and medium-sized enterprises due to factors such as wide processing range, high efficiency, stable quality and low prices. Big application and development. However, in popularization and application, improper use or process design often causes problems such as long preparation time, large processing errors and even accidents, which bring a lot of inconvenience and psychological pressure to operators. In fact, if the economical CNC machining center method is used well, it is very convenient and safe and reliable to process. The key is to adopt an appropriate and reasonable tool setting method.
1. Jog tool setting method: press and hold the jog button on the control panel, touch the tip of the tool to the surface of the workpiece, clear the counter, then return to the initial position to be set, and then clear to get the initial position of the tool . Determine the initial position of each knife in turn, and adjust to the exact design position after trial processing. This method does not require any auxiliary tools and can be operated at hand, but it takes a long time, especially when the tool must be re-adjusted every time the tool is sharpened. This method is suitable for simple procedures or initial installation and commissioning.
2. Using the tool setting instrument method: The tool setting instrument selected by the machine tool adopts a self-testing device, but the operation is complicated and a certain amount of preparation time is still required. Suitable for multi-tool measurement.
3. Use of CNC tools: After the tool is installed for the first time, it will be worn after a period of cutting and needs to be sharpened. The position of the tip of the ordinary tool when reinstalled after sharpening has changed, and the tool needs to be re-calibrated. The CNC tool is characterized by high tool manufacturing accuracy. The repeated positioning accuracy of the blade after indexing is about 0.02mm, which greatly reduces the tool setting time. At the same time, the surface of the blade is coated with a wear-resistant layer, which greatly improves the durability, but the cost Higher.

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