The car factory assembles the painted plastic parts

The on-line coating process production line is completely closed, and the in-line coating process is to install the plastic parts on the car body after the car body is baked at 204°C, and then the primer and top coating are processed together. There is a danger of dust contamination in the installation of plastic parts in the in-line painting process, and the cost of installing parts on the painting line is relatively high. Therefore, for the automobile factory, the most ideal process should be online painting. At this time, plastics are required to be able to withstand high temperatures of 180 to 204°C, and can be coated with the same coatings and processes as metals.

In addition, lowering the drying temperature of the electrophoretic paint can save energy. A 10min reduction in electrophoretic paint has been achieved. The electrophoretic paint cured at 120-140℃ is exploring the outer coating process of the center line to separate the metal car body and the plastic parts. The coating of plastic parts can be completed in a plastic processing factory, and the automobile factory assembles the painted plastic parts. This process avoids the problem of high temperature and is a very good solution for parts that do not require color consistency. But when the color of plastic parts is required to be consistent with that of the metal car body, it takes a very high time and economic cost to meet the high requirements of the automotive industry for color. BASF Coating Company believes that off-line coating is a very promising process, and the problem of color consistency will be solved by the unified configuration of metal and plastic base paints.

Body parts must provide flawless visual effects. For the exterior of the car body, the entire structure is integrated, and the visual effect of “looks like a cast” is still a mainstream trend. For example, the new Beetle is invisible from the outside. Its fenders, bumpers, and fuel tank flaps are all made of plastic <5>. Therefore, it can meet the A-level surface requirements and can be painted online. The main development direction of plastic body parts.

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