The applications of silicone tube in various industries

The application of silicone tube in radio, motor, the telecommunications industry :television and high pressure cap in the oscilloscope 、sealing ring and insulation sleeve in potentiometer 、Silicon controlled rectifier tube shell 、Sealing head、Motor stator winding insulation、 Contact gas sealing ring、Electrical insulators、Surface conductive rubber switch guard、computer、 phone keyboard switch, pressure sensitive resistance, etc
The application of silicone tube in instruments and instrument industry : All kinds of regulator sensitive element in the diaphragm , instrument heater band ,acupuncture resistant rubber sheet high (silicone rubber). Light colored lights. Drying oven. The electric stove. Far infrared heater sealer, fillet. Sponge sealer (replace poisonous asbestos door gasket). Seal of the boiler. Refrigeration equipment seals and hoses. Instrument shock absorbers. All kinds of silicone rubber lead wire (used for electric radiant, coil. Transformer. Transformer. A lead wire) refrigerator frost line. Plus hotline, etc.
The application of silicone tube in transport, shipbuilding industry : car brake rubber cap. Cup. Hose. Sealing ring. Shaft seal of exhaust system. The spark plug. Ignition line. Piston ring. Rotor dynamic with “O” ring. Marine shockproof pieces. Hydraulic system seal, oil seal, etc.
The application of silicone tube in medical enterprise : all kinds of catheter, drainage tube. Silicone rubber bionic products, etc


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