Surface treatment technology of titanium on building materials

When starting to use titanium as a building material, people mainly considered the corrosion resistance of titanium, and there was no requirement on its surface, that is, the surface of titanium was not specially treated. With the improvement of people's aesthetic level, higher requirements are put forward for the reflectivity and decoration of the surface of titanium building materials.

In order to reduce the reflectivity of the surface of titanium building materials and prevent glare, people process the surface of the titanium material into fine unevenness, mainly using the following surface treatment processes:

1. Smooth rolling method

In the last process of titanium rolling, the surface of the titanium is treated into a concave-convex shape with a rough surface roller with concave and convex, so that the treated surface not only has a shiny feeling, but also can reduce the reflectivity.

2. Pickling method

Pickling is one of the main methods of surface brightening treatment of titanium and its alloy construction materials. Different proportions of nitric acid and hydrofluoric acid are used to dissolve the surface of titanium and present a relatively white hue.

3. Compound method

The composite treatment process of "smooth rolling + pickling" is adopted to make the white surface of titanium reveal the inherent metallic color of titanium. In recent years, large buildings have mostly adopted this process.

4. Sandblasting method

With the aid of high-speed sand flow impacting the titanium surface, sandblasting is performed, so that the surface formed is extremely fine concave and convex, low gloss, and grayish hue.

5. Anodized coloring

In order to make the building appear colorful, it is necessary to perform anodizing and coloring treatment on the titanium surface. The color tone of this surface is controlled by the use of anodizing device, through direct current or alternating current, according to the increase of voltage, make the titanium surface appear gold, red purple, cyan purple, yellow, purple, cyan, cyan, yellow-green in sequence, so that the entire building Things are more eye-catching and creative.

At present, the application of titanium in China's construction industry is still in the development stage, but China has a long coastline and the potential for construction titanium is huge.

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