Surface mount LEDs offer a better cost per lumen ratio

The Broadcom ASM6 LED series, a proliferation from the previous ASM3 series, is available now from RS Components. It is the latest high-power LED development edition. While maintaining a similar 3535 footprint, the series offers higher lumen output and displays a better cost per lumen ratio.

This new family is energy-efficient and provides good heat sink properties. It is also great in package robustness and has better product longevity with its silicone encapsulation.

The LEDs are supplied in a high-reliability package with enhanced silicone resin encapsulation. Available colours feature far red, deep red, red, royal blue and green. They are available in 90-degree and 130-degree viewing angles. The LED is compatible with the reflow soldering process.

Typical applications areas include horticulture lighting, commercial lighting, architecture lighting, and speciality lighting.

Author: Zhuna