Silicone Table Mat VS Plastic Table Mat, Which Material Mats Are Better?

Plastic drink cup coaster and silicone food  table mats, popular products  protect your beautiful furniture like table or bedstand from water stains.Silicone vs plastic mat, which one is better?As an product designed for protecting furnitures, the function of avoiding hassle of drink stains is one of the most important factor which will influence customer's choice.When drinking cold beveage, we always have trouble of excess liquid and wet drink container.Both silicone cup mat and plastic drink cup mat can make it easy to leave cold drinkware on your wooden furniture without harming them.But if you want soup or hot liquid drinks, plastic cup coaster possible become a troube. The melting point of POE EVA EPDM plastic is about 90℃. Besides, most silicone material products can be use in a temperature range from -40 ℃ to 230 ℃. Obviously, silicone cup coaster is better than plastic cup coaster in working temperature range.

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