Silicone Pencil Bag Whale Shape: A Cute Pen Bag You May Like

Are you finding pencial bags?Do you want some new products to add to your product line?No matter you are a distributor, a retailer or a importer, look at here please!!!Here is a silicone pencil bag whale shapeMake your own personalized bag! A silicone pencil bag supplied by silicone products manufacturer, you can decide what colors you like, you can print any logos or Ad words you want to print on this pencial bag.
Specifications: -Size:  23*8*3cm-Quantity: 1000 pieces-Material: silicone -Color: green bag with green zipper- Net weight abpout 76g/ per bag- Closure type: ZipperA good silicone pencil bag whale shape, it is multi purpose.A silicone bag is great for storing keys, coins, cosmetics, mobile phones, cards, note paper, pens, makeup, etc.Any need of silicone pencil bags, please feel free to send us a message.

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