Silicone Mat With Measurements: What A Silicone Mat Can Be Used For?

A silicone mat is a mat generally made from high-quality, FDA standard, food-grade silicone.Food grade silicone mat will not leach toxic substance when be heated. You can use the this mat as baking mat to cook savory foods(such as baked salmon or chicken breasts) or desserts and pastry( such as cookies, biscuits, macaroon).Temperature limit about 230 degrees, baking mats made of silicone are safe for baking or heating up food in the microwave or oven.Silicone baking mat transfer heat evenly, so that it can make sure the temperature of every baking thing rise evenly.Silicone baking mat are stick resistant. Put a silicone mat on baking tray before you heat up food or bake dough, you can keep baking pans clean. Though it can not make sure that there are nothing “sticks” to silicone baking sheets, due to silicone's waterproof & resistant to high temperature, silicone mats are easy to be clean up.Muckiness or oil left on used silicone baking mats are easy to clean up by soap and water. And if needed, you can also wash them in dishwasher.With non-stick surface and measurements marks, silicone mat is also a good tool for kneading dough as well as cutting dought. Lay a silicone mat flat on a countertop to knead bread or roll out cookie dough.

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