Several methods for predicting vehicle failures in car rescue

Such failures often occur during the use of automobiles, and some failures can bring serious consequences, resulting in personal injury or death or huge loss of property. Therefore, the driver can discover potential problems in a timely manner through the technical status of the vehicle itself, so as to avoid unnecessary losses.

Through several years of teaching and maintenance practice, I think we should start with the following aspects.

One, the meter is abnormal

When driving a vehicle, you should develop a good habit of always looking at the meters, and find problems in the car meters in time. This is because the instrument can indicate various operating parameters of the vehicle, through which the driver can understand the operation of the vehicle and the operating conditions of the engine. For example: an ammeter is an instrument used to indicate the intensity of battery charging and discharging current; an oil pressure gauge is an instrument used to display the pressure of the engine lubricating oil and the working conditions of the lubrication system; a water temperature gauge is used to indicate the cooling water in the water jacket when the engine is working Of the temperature. There are many such instruments and indicators. If the instrument or indicator suddenly shows abnormal conditions during the normal operation of the engine, it indicates that the vehicle is malfunctioning. Therefore, measures should be taken in time to check and eliminate the fault according to the actual situation.

2. Abnormal performance

Vehicle performance generally refers to power, braking, driving comfort, fuel consumption, etc. If the performance of the vehicle suddenly deteriorates during use, it means that the vehicle has a malfunction and should be eliminated in time.

3. Abnormal sound

As a driver, he often deals with his own vehicle and is more familiar with the condition of the vehicle. Therefore, it is more sensitive to sudden abnormalities in the vehicle. Therefore, we should not ignore the abnormal noise that suddenly appears in the vehicle in use, and should check and repair the abnormal noise in time.

Fourth, the smell is abnormal

If the vehicle suddenly appears burnt odor, excessive gasoline odor and other abnormal odors during operation, it means that the vehicle is malfunctioning. When the clutch disc is ablated, there will be a burnt smell; poor electrical wiring will cause a burnt smell; too strong gasoline smell may cause gasoline leakage, which is also very dangerous. Therefore, it is necessary to make timely judgments based on different smells in order to troubleshoot.

5. Abnormal temperature and gap

When parking a vehicle during operation, pay attention to checking the condition of each part of the vehicle. Such as: touch brake hub, axle housing, transmission housing, etc. If the temperature is too high, there is a fault. And pay attention to check whether the free stroke of the clutch pedal, the free stroke of the brake pedal, and the free stroke of the steering wheel meet the standard values. If the standard is exceeded, it should be adjusted immediately. At the same time, pay attention to check the sealing condition of each connecting part to see if there is any leakage. Once water leaks, electricity leaks, oil leaks, or air leaks are found, they should be eliminated in time.

The driver should pay attention to the daily maintenance of the vehicle, and be able to find problems early from the above-mentioned abnormal conditions, and solve them in time, so as to reduce or even avoid accidents.

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