Sensor parts machining

A sensor is a sophisticated device that is mainly used to detect some type of physical change in its environment and then provide a human-readable output. The change could be light, motion, temperature, humidity, pressure, heat or other type of physical quantity. Sensors are applied to almost all of industries.
For more than 10 years, Lemo has been a professional manufacturer of a wide variety of sensor components: temperature & humidity sensor parts, pressure& force sensor  parts, gas & heat sensor parts, light & wireless motion sensor parts, etc. These components we offer are mainly used in industries ranging from Automation, Aerospace, Agriculture Modernization, Robotic Engineering to Medicine and Consumer Electronics and other fields.Lemo is comprised of a professional and talented team who will provide you with excellent  technical information and high quality sensor components as per your exacting requirement. We will meet your demand by continually improving material inspection, process control and efficiency of our quality system. 
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