RTP’s thermoplastic elastomer used for clamps

Sioux Chief Manufacturing has chosen a thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) from RTP Company for its universal pipe clamps with noise absorbing blocks to reduce noise transfer caused by loose pipes.

The TPE will be used for a bridge insert that fits over a nylon plastic base The Touchdown clamps are an integral component of the Power Bar universal slider bracketing system

Carol Flanagan, product group director, said: ‘The clamp reduces noise transferred in the pipe by holding the pipe away from the building structure.

‘It also isolates the pipe from the metal bracket, eliminating any possibility of galvanic corrosion that occurs when two dissimilar metals are in contact.’ Touchdown clamps can be used in any type of construction where pipes, tubes, cables or wires are installed.

RTP Company engineers recommended an RTP 2700 Series styrenic-based TPE for the clamp’s insert.

The compound offers elasticity comparable to rubber, a Shore A hardness of 70 and meets strength and compression set requirements when installed around a pipe.

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