Replacement and installation of gear pump for four-column hydraulic press

Replacement and installation of gear pump for four-column Hydraulic Press

The following matters should be paid attention to when installing the wheel pump of the four-column hydraulic press:

  • (1) When replacing and installing the gear pump of a four-column hydraulic press, first divide the direction of the oil inlet and outlet of the oil dissipating pump, and it cannot be installed reversely. The center height and concentricity of the main shaft of the drive motor (or internal combustion engine) and the oil pump should be the same, and the installation deviation should not be greater than 0.1mm. At the same time, there should be an axial clearance of 2-3mm at the shaft end to prevent collisions during axial movement. Generally, a flexible coupling should be used.
  • (2) The installation position of the pump: the height of the relative fuel tank shall not exceed the specified suction height, generally it should be less than 0.5m. The suction pipe of the pump should not leak air. The suction pipe should not be too long or too thin, and the elbow should not be too many.
  • (3) The viscosity and temperature of the oil should be selected according to the grades specified in the sample or regulations. The working oil temperature is generally 35-55℃.
  • (4) When the oil pump is started, it is started several times without load. If the air is not drained, the pump will produce vibration and noise. At this time, the connection of the oil outlet should be slightly loosened. To completely eliminate the gas in the pump, wait until the movement is stable, and then slowly load and run from no-load until it is stable before it can be put into normal operation.
  • (5) After the rape enters work, always check the operation of the pump, find the abnormality, immediately find out the cause, and eliminate the fault.

The working oil of the four-column hydraulic gear pump should also be checked regularly, and the oil quality performance changes are usually tested every 3 months. Generally, oil tanks with a volume less than 1m3 should be replaced once a year. For clean environment and large fuel tank volume, it can be determined according to the results of oil quality test and identification

Whether to change the oil. In order to keep the oil clean, the accuracy of the selected filter specified in the sample must be guaranteed. And to clean or replace the filter cycle for maintenance in accordance with the regulations.

Types and performance of common gear pumps for four-column hydraulic presses

‘S wheel crack has the advantages of simple structure, reliable work, convenient maintenance, etc., and has been widely used in various fields of industrial production. Common types are as follows:

  • (1) CR-B type low pressure gear pump. The CB-8 gear pump is a low pressure gear pump with a specified axial clearance diagram. The pump has a rated pressure of 2.5MPa, a displacement of 2.5-125mL/r, and a speed of 1450r/m1n, which are often used in low-pressure systems and lubrication systems.
  • (2) CB type medium and high pressure street wheel pump. The CB gear pump is a typical medium and high pressure gear pump that uses a floating shaft sleeve to realize automatic compensation of axial clearance. The rated pressure of the pump is 10MPa, the maximum discharge is 32-100mL/r, the speed is 1450r/min. The volumetric efficiency is above 0.9
  • (3) eRN type high pressure gear pump. The structure has been introduced in 3.2.2 of this book. The rated pressure of the pump is 16MPa, the displacement is 6-63mL/r, and the volumetric efficiency is greater than 0.91.

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