Qualified injection mold maker in China

Sino Mould is the qualified injection mold maker in China, supplying qualified plastic injection moulds in China.
Sino Mould is a high qualified injection moulds manufacture in China, we can supply:
1.High qualified injection moulds for home appliance  like high gloss TV moulds, washing machine moulds, air conditioner parts mould, refrigerator mould ,Ele-cooker and microwave oven moulds ,fan moulds and all kinds of plastic injection home appliance moulds
2. High qualified injection moulds for daily use, like chair and table moulds, basin and bucket moulds , basket and drawer moulds, food container and thin-wall box moulds and so on.
3. High qualified injection mould for special use , such as industrial high speed crate and large size dustbins moulds, industrial water pump and safe helmet moulds medical syringe and medicine bottles moulds and etc.
We have three steps to make sure every moulds we manufacture is the high qualified injection molds
Step one: high qualified purchasing process control-qualified injection mould China,injection molding steel material and standard parts we purchase from other company will go through strict examination, and make sure that they can fully satisfy customers’requirments.
Step two:high qualified processing control-high qualified injection mould China, processing, assembling and debugging ,all process has to be strictly control, we have a special plastic mould making Quality controlling researchers to test the precision and surface finish for the injection moulds.
Step three: final quality control for the high qualified injection mould China , we will have a detailed inspection on the plastic injection mould, after mold machining, assembly, at the same time,we will have tryout and check carefully moulding products to make sure that we don’t ignore any details, thus to provide customers high qualified  plastic mould and plastic products.

We will remind of responsibility in our heart and keep a strict key on the quality of the injection mould, and supply the high qualified injection mould in China.

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