Pros Of Silicone Material Funnel

As a tool guiding liquid or powder into a small opening, funnel is widely used all around the world. it is commonly found in every family.Due to it's big demands, this tube or pipe that is wide at the top and narrow at the bottom is one of best selling products China manufactueres produced.Do you know who can produce high quality funnels for you? After reading this article, you can know that what kind of funnels Dongguan Wei Shun silicone Co. Ltd can provide to their customers. And in this article, the writter will also introduce some pros of silicone material funnels, so that readers can compare it with other material funnels.Silicone funnel with bright, colorful design produced by Wei Shun, is welcomed by interditional importors.Silicone funnel will be introduced first is a candy color Long Neck Household Kitchen Oil Funnel.As picture shows, it is a common shape hopper with a long tube at the bottom. it will be useful when liquid such as oil is needed to move from one container to another receptacle who is with a narrow opening.Put the long neck part of funnel holder in the empty container, and you will have no worry about spill liquid out.
What's more, the hopper will be introduced on the following paragraph is one of the most hot selling products on Amazon online shopping website-Telescopic Household Kitchen Funnel.Like it's name, this hopper is collapsible. Foldable silicone funnel can easily be folded to a piece. So that it can save the storage area.In addition, both this teo different design funnel is made of food grade silicone rubber, a heat resistant material can driectly contact with food.As a manufacter, Wei Shun can accept custom LOGO, custom color, custom size orders. If any one want more informations, welcome to leave us a message.

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