Precautions of Sealing strip in Lock&Lock crisper in daily use

Precautions of Sealing strip in Lock&Lock crisper in daily use :
1.General crisper is made of plasthetics , but the sealing strip in the crisper is made of silicone . When use in microwave oven , the lid of crisper should be open .Crisper can be used for heating in short time but not for cooking .Do not exceed 2/3 of the capacity of the liquid food to be heated .
 Heating the food content of sugar and oil ,the crisper will be out of shape if the temperature rise rapidly . The sealing performance of silicone sealing strip will drop .
2. When the crisper is filled with boiling water , do not close the lid immediately .Because the sealing performance of the crisper silicone sealing strip is very good . If cover the lid ,the heating will expend and the pressure in the crisper is big . It is difficult to open the lid .
3.Do not put the carbonated beverage in the crisper . Bubbles of carbonated drinks (soda, cola, etc.) will make the sealing performance of silicone strip down .
4.Do not put pigment food and fermentation food in crisper . It make crisper dyeing or have peculiar smell . General, we can wash the silicone sealing strips with cleanser essence for use a long time .


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