Polishing methods and techniques for titanium rods and titanium alloys

Polishing method of titanium bar and titanium alloy:

(1) Fine grinding

That is, the surface of titanium bar and titanium alloy bar castings is ground with various kinds of conventional emery rubber wheels. During grinding, it is still necessary to pay attention not to heat the casting, not to cause grinding damage on the surface of the casting, and to make the whole surface smooth.

(2) Barrel grinding method

The so-called barrel grinding method is to put the processed casting, abrasive, water and additives into the barrel grinding groove, the grinding barrel produces rotation and vibration, causes friction between the abrasive mixture and the processed casting, and grinds the surface of the casting smooth and flat. It is characterized by no dust pollution, low labor intensity, and no heat generation in the conventional grinding process. Currently, there are commercial barrel grinders in Japan and used for grinding materials such as titanium and titanium alloy castings, other metal castings and plastics. Through the test, the pk series abrasive grinding efficiency is the highest, but the surface roughness is also the highest. Although the grinding efficiency of SA and B series abrasive is not as good as PK, the surface smoothness of the polished titanium casting is the highest. At present, the fourth military medical university has developed the first domestic dental barrel grinding machine.

Polishing processing

(3) Mechanical polishing

Using different specifications of the soft cloth wheel or black brush, dipped in titanium and titanium alloy special polishing paste on titanium and titanium alloy surface polishing method. When polishing titanium casting, it is necessary to make the surface contamination layer and no new abrasive hardening layer completely clear. Polishing still USES high speed, light pressure way. The author also used green polishing paste to polish titanium and titanium alloy castings, and achieved a better polishing effect. The polished titanium and ti-containing alloy castings cannot be washed immediately, and must be washed after the surface oxidation film is fully formed, otherwise the surface will darken.

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