Plastic parts making

SHG is professional plastic parts making factory, supplying plastic injection moulds and have injection molding workshop for plastic parts making service, is one the best plastic parts manufacturer China.
SHG is professional plastic parts making factory who located in the mould city in Taizhou city, Zhejiang Province, is an omnibus group company in the plastic machineriesindustry. We can supply high quality injection moulds and offer plastic parts making service as your requirements, when customer want to make plastic parts in our company, we will offer plastic parts molding service for them. Now we have offered plastic parts like car lamps, foldable crates, electronic parts and etc. to the all world.
Our plastic parts making serviceis suitable the below customers types:
1. The customers who want to sell the products to another country, not his homeland.
2. The customers who want to do plastic parts business, but don’t have plastic molding workshop.
3. The plastic parts can sold in high price but its demand is not very huge.
4. When the cost of raw material is very large in his country.
SHG is a famous plastic parts manufacturer in China, supply plastic injection moulds and plastic parts making service. If you have the idea to make the moulds in our company, but want plastic parts making service in China, SHG is your best choice.


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