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Sino Pipe Fitting Co.,Ltd branch from China GROUP is specialized in design and manufacture various of pipe fitting system moulds. Before the branch company built up, China has rich experience in pipe fitting mould manufacture.


Introduction of Pipe fitting mould

Material: PPR, PP, PE, PVC, UPVC, ABS

Type: socket couple, 45°& 90°elbow, tee, thread, reducer, Y type, U type, bridge-type, U-PVC, cross, valve, union

Runner gate: submarine gate, direct cone gate, side gate

Molding cycle: 30s-50s (depends on the material and whether has collapsible or not)

Ejector way: ejector pin, cure sliding core, unscrewing ejection, collapsible core, insert interchangeable fitting.

Steel: S420, DIN.1 2316, DIN.1 2344, DIN.1 2738, P20

Cavity: 1, 2, 4

Testing points: draining, water supply, half line, melting line, polish, shrinkage marks, burr, thickness tolerance(0.15mm)


With high precision tooling equipments and special steel material treatment, strict dimension control and top mentality mould progress control system, Annually, China totally export nearly 500 sets pipe fitting mould to Spain, German, France, Italy, Portugal, Argentina, Chile, Brazil, Mexico Russia ,Israel, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Egypt, Tunisia, South Africa. 

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