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Plastic mold lifetime has closely relation with the proper mould maintenance, however some

customers do not realize it and some are even don’t know how to maintain it. Here will show you

some key points for how to maintain the mould.


Pre-production mold maintenance

1). Clean the surface oil and rust, inspect the mold cooling water, confirm whether there is water barrier.

2). Check the mold sprue bush whether it was damaged or has residual foreign body, insure the action is smooth.

3). Then lubricate the every slide part of the mould and check the mould again, especially the security parts, like safety side pin, screw, side guard plate, etc.


The production mold maintenance

1). Check the guide pin & guide sleeve, including all mold guide column are OK. Refuel regulary.

2). Clean the mold parting surface and the exhaust groove, Parting plane, runner surface should be cleaned twice per day. Oil the guide pins and bushings once a day.

3). Check the water channel unblocked, and all fastening screws are tightened.

4). Check the mold limit switch is normal, oblique pin and lifter are normal.


After production mold maintenance

1). Turn off the water to cool down, blowing mold over water in water channel, clean the surface and sprayed rust inhibitor. Then fill in the relevant records.


Above are some normal mould maintenance ways, hope it can help you. If you wants more detail information, you can contact China MOULD.


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